Toner cassettes and ink cartridges mainly contain plastic, toner powder and certain metal components. The toner cassettes that have the Swan label can be reused several times before going to energy recovery. The toner powder is controlled from an environmental and harm to health perspective.


The used toner cassettes, toner bottles and ink cartridges must be collected and deposited at the nearest waste management centre.

Toner cassettes and ink cartridges are placed in the paperboard box in place at the waste management centre. The toner bottles are put in the recycling container for plastic for recycling.


A waste management centre must be marked with a descriptive text (Swedish and English) and/or a symbol.

Storage at waste management centres

Paperboard box.


The used toner cassettes and ink cartridges are returned to the manufacturer’s production plant.

Final disposal

The toner cassettes and ink cartridges are not separated until they come to the plant. The bulk of the cassettes and cartridges are reused in the manufacture of new toner cassettes and ink cartridges. In the case of cassettes and cartridges that are broken, some plastic parts and residues of toner powder go to energy recovery and are burned in Mora’s district heating plant.

Specific legislation

SFS 2014:1075  Ordinance on Producer Responsibility for Electric Equipment