Foto: Johan Asplund
Foto: Johan Asplund

Finansieringen gäller perioden 2016–2018.

Finansiärernas sydafrikanska samarbetspartner, National Research Foundation (NRF), finansierar de sydafrikanska deltagarna på motsvarande nivå. Efter sakkunniggranskning, bedömningsmöten samt beslutsmöte med NRF har 10 projekt valts ut för finansiering. Ett av bidragen gick till Stockholms universitet.


Om projektet

Student assignments require increasingly complex multimodal competencies and Higher Education needs to be equipped to help students with the construction of these texts. This research project – 'Multimodal texts and pedagogies in Higher Education' – theorizes changing texts and pedagogies in Higher Educational contexts in Sweden and South Africa from a
multimodal perspective.

The project will analyze changing multimodal texts across disciplines, modes and media in Higher Education, including academic discourses and assessment practices. Further, it will focus on how to better enable student access to the discourses and practices of academia through the use of multimodal pedagogies.

The research is performed within a multimodal social semiotic framework. From such perspective, texts are seen as sites of struggle over discourse, meaning, subjectivities and power. They are therefore crucial in investigating access to academic practices. The combination of interests and abilities of the two key researchers, Archer and Björkvall, and included graduate students and postdocs will make it possible to approach the research from different methodological angles and theoretical perspectives and from different cultural and societal points of view. Archer brings a strong focus on social justice, and access to education and Björkvall well-developed methodological and theoretical perspectives for texts and analysis.