We are interested in the innate immune system, its activation, development and interaction with other aspects of physiology. To understand innate immunity at the organismic level, we use insect models, in particular the vinegar fly Drosophila melanogaster.

Presently our research focuses on three major projects:
• The coagulation of insect hemolymph
• The insect response against entomopathogenic nematodes.
• The immune response against early stages of tumor development 


hemolymph clot
Fig1: left: a hemolymph sample turns viscous after bleeding. In the hemolymph clot, fibers can be stained with lectins (middle part) in which bacteria are captured (right part, the bacteria are labeled with green fluorescent protein).



insect immunity, hemocytes, nematodes, tumor immunity, coagulation 


Selected publications

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Wang, Z., Wilhelmsson, C., Hyrsl, P., Loof, T.G., Dobes, P., Klupp, M., Loseva, O., Mörgelin, M., Iklé, J., Cripps, R.M., Herwald, H., & Theopold, U. (2010). Pathogen entrapment by transglutaminase — a conserved early innate immune mechanism. PLoS Pathogens. 6(2):e1000763


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