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Jerker Lokrantz/Azote

Stockholm University announces five new positions in Baltic Sea research

Stockholm University invites applications for three tenure-track Assistant Professor positions and two Postdoctoral positions in Baltic Sea research:

Strategic Baltic Sea initative at Stockholm University

Stockholm University has decided to continue and intensify its strategic and interdisciplinary initiative on Baltic Sea research. The University's Baltic Sea Centre was assigned to administer this initiative during 2016. For this year more than 40 scientists in 20 projects was granted funding of 6,5 MSEK in total.

The five year research program (2010-2015); Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management (BEAM), was part of the Government's strategic research areas (SFO). While waiting for the final decision on wheather the strategic funds for Baltic Sea research should become a permanent part of Stockholm University’s government grant, 2016 will be a interimistic year.

6,5 MSEK to strategic Baltic Sea research

For 2016, the Baltic Sea Centre supported research projects with strategical importance for promoting and developing Stockholm University's marine research field. Involving research from 11 departments, over 40 scientists in 20 projects were granted funding to a total of 6,5 MSEK.

SFO-funding for Baltic Sea research

The Baltic Sea Centre have administrated the University's strategic research funding (SFO) during the interimistic year 2016.

Contacts at the Baltic Sea Centre:

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

The Baltic Sea Centre was established 2013, and has three main missions: research, science communication and to provide infrastructure for marine research. The Centre should also promote dialogue within the marine research community, and function as a strong voice for marine issues on behalf of the University as a whole.  

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