Roza Khoban successfully defended her thesis

On Friday, October 15, Roza defended her thesis: “Globalization and Development: The Impact of International Trade on Political and Social Institutions” in Nordenskiöldsalen, Geovetenskapens hus.

Roza Khoban PhD

Roza’s thesis consists of three self-contained essays studying the impact of globalization, and in particular international trade, on economic development.

The first essay, The Impact of Trade Liberalization in the Presence of Political Distortions, examines whether greater openness to international trade affects the distortionary impact of firm-specific political connections.

Essay two, Importing Gender Equality, explores how and when trade-induced interactions can impact gender norms.

Finally, the third essay, Trade-Induced Protests: Evidence from the Brazilian Trade Liberalization, studies whether trade liberalization can induce shifts in citizens’ willingness to mobilize and participate in protests.

Taken together, the thesis sheds light on previously unexplored effects of trade. Specifically, it contributes to our understanding of how developing countries’ characteristics interact with trade and provides new perspectives on the consequences of the increased economic integration of many developing countries in the global market.

We thank Professor Andreas Moxnes for a great discussion.

We would also like to express our sincerest congratulations to Roza on her Ph.D. and wish her all the best in her future positions at Princeton University and the University of Zurich!