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Welcome to us at the Department of Economics! We look forward to having you as a student with us and we will do our best to make your studies here a nice experience.

Being a new student, there is a lot to think about. On this page, we have gathered some practical information that will hopefully give you a smooth start. If you cannot find the information you are looking for here or at Stockholm University's home page, you are welcome to contact us. We advise you to use the list below as a check-list.

Important information about COVID-19 and your studies.

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In order to get access to IT services, you need to activate your university account and order your university card.

How to get a university account and university card

Activate your account here


Congratulations to your admission to a course or a programme!

Please first check you admission at

Now, the first step is to register in order to keep your place so please do as follows:

  • Accept your admission (the date of deadline will be posted in advance each term)
  • Get you university account (see below)
  • Check your course whether you need to register on the web or at the university

Register online


You will find information about the courses in the digital catalogue; find your courses here:

Our courses and programmes


Every course has a web site on Athena that you will get access to as soon as you are admitted and registered on a course. This funktions as a platform where you can choose group, hand in assignments, etc.



If you are recommended extended examination time, the Department of Economics gives 50 % extra time at written exams / tests. At exams of five hours or longer, a break of 30 minutes, together with an invigilator, is included.

Your NAIS-certificate

How to apply for a NAIS-certificate

Please send your certificate to the course administrator for the course that you will take as soon as you can. We recommend you send it before the beginning of the term/course.

Information about support that are offered at Stockholm University.


The Department of Economics is located on the 6th and 7th Floor of A House (Södra Huset), on the Frescati campus.

By public transport

 The Frescati campus is just north of central Stockholm and can be reached either by underground (the stop is Universitetet on line 14 to Mörby Centrum), by bus (no. 50 from central Stockholm or no. 540 from north and north-western suburbs), by train (Roslagsbanan) or by car (E4/18, Norrtäljevägen northbound). From Arlanda Airport it is easiest to take the airport bus to the Central Station, a 30-minute ride, and then take the underground from there.

By car (directions from the city centre

Take the E18 towards Norrtälje. About 2 km after the roundabout Roslagstull, you can see the light blue coloured buildings of the Södra huset, as soon as you pass under the train bridge. Turn right after the petrol station, continue straight on towards the parking area.



Study counseling

You will get help with:

  • Study counseling and labor market information
  • Need of special pedagogical support
  • Crediting and eligibility assessment

Study counseling

Academic advisor first level
Academic advisor master's level
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