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Stockholm University offers one of the best environments in Europe for research and higher education in Economics. Former students are employed as economists in a wide range of fields, such as national and international organisations, government, business and finance.

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The Department of Economics at Stockholm University has about 1000 undergraduate students each term and 25 faculty members. Courses are also taught by researchers at the Instutite for International Economic Studies, IIES, and the Swedish Institute for Social Research, SOFI.


Intermediate level up to bachelor's degree

All courses on this level have English as language of instruction and each course gives 7,5 ECTS credits. For information about prerequisites and special admittance requirements, please check the course syllabus.

Most of the courses are part-time courses with the exception of Intermediate Macroeconomics and Intermediate Microeconomics which are given full time during the first part of the autumn term.

We recommend that you alternate semesters in economics with courses in other main areas. That way, you will already know when you are applying if you are eligible.
The suggested courses of study are:

Second semester of Economics:
Intermediate Macroeconomics 7.5 ECTS
Intermediate Microeconomics 7.5 ECTS
Empirical Methods in Economics 1 7.5 ECTS
One optional course in Economics 7.5 ECTS

Third semester of Economics:
Bachelor's Thesis in Economics, 15 ECTS
Two optional course in Economics 7.5 ECTS each

Always check the prerequisites for the courses you wish to study and plan a head.


Advanced level up to a Master's degree

The Department of Economics offers a two-year Master's Programme consisting of compulsory courses in economic theory and empirical methods (45 credits), elective courses that allow students to tailor their studies to meet their own interests (45 credits) and a Master´s thesis (30 credits). The language of study is English and courses start every autumn semester.

During the fourth semester, the student writes a Master´s thesis. The student can during the previous semester apply to write the thesis in cooperation with an organisation in Stockholm in our internship program. We currently cooperate with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Research, the European Commission in Stockholm, the National Institute for Economic Research as well as other organisations relevant for economists. The application process is highly competitive and internship are available only to a limited number of students.

Master's programme in Economics


PhD Programme in Economics, doctoral degree

The PhD Program in Economics at Stockholm University is a U.S.-style program with a total enrollment of around 70 graduate students. The program combines first-year core courses in math, micro, macro, and econometrics with second-year courses covering a broad range of specializations. The program is fully international in its orientation and the vast majority of students go on the international economics job market during their last year; the track record in this regard is excellent. The program is broadly considered to be one of the very best in Europe.

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