The Department is headed by a board where the Head of Department is President. There is also a Co-Head and an Assistant Head of Department. The Head of Department has the highest responsibility for all departmental operations.

Here you can see how the department is organized. For contact details, see Contact.

Head of Department

Professor Fredrik Jönsson

Co-Head of Department

Professor Torun Lindholm (Education)

Co-Head of Department

Professor Göran Kecklund (Research)

The Department Board

The Department Board consists of 12 full members and 10 alternate members, including student representatives, and meets approximately once per month. The Board settles major issues of policy nature, and has the ultimate financial responsibility of the department.


Our researchers are grouped into six research divisions, covering all major fields of psychology. In addition we have three institutes for research, clinical training and commissioned activities.

Research Divisions

Biological psychology
Head of division: Professor Håkan Fischer

Clinical psychology
Head of division: Professor Per Carlbring

Cognitive psychology
Head of division: Professor Timo Mäntylä

Perception and psychophysics
Head of division: Professor Maria Larsson

Personality, social and developmental psychology
Head of division: Professor Torun Lindholm

Work and organizational psychology
Head of division: Professor Magnus Sverke


Institute for Applied Behavioral Science
Director: Mats Najström

Psychology Clinic
Director: Jan Bergström

Stress Research Institute
Director: Göran Kecklund


Administration (economy, HRM)

  • Henrik Lennermark, General Manager
  • Emma Aldenstam, Staff Manager
  • Anastasiia Ovsiannikova, Coordinator

Bachelor's level and Master's level Education

  • Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Head of Studies
  • Theres Arnosdotter, Student Office
  • Jenny Ehn, Study Advisors

Master of Psychology Programme

  • Lilianne Eninger, Head of Studies
  • Sebastian Andersson, Study Advisor

Psychotherapist Programme

  • Gunnel Jacobsson, Head of Studies
  • Sebastian Andersson, Study Advisor

PhD Programme and Advanced Level Education

  • Mats Nilsson, Head of Studies
  • Laura Ferrer Wreder, Head of Studies
  • Madeleine Arnwald, Administration and Study Advisor

Environment and safety issues

Henrik Lennermark


Christian Portin, Communicator

Psychology Clinic

Aina Lindgren, Head of Clinic

Safety representative

Cecilia Stenfors
Wessel van Leeuwen


Henrik Dunér


Here is a list of various groups and committees that handles specific issues at the department. For contact details, see Contact.

More information is available on our intranet (local access)

Computer Services
Christian Portin, Tommy Olin, Henric Bergquist

Education committee
Fredrik Jönsson, Head

Environmental committee
Herman Daniels, Environtment representative

Management Group
Håkan Fischer, Head

PhD Council
Billy Gerdfeldter, Head 2021, and Raver Gültekin, Co-Head 2021.

Professors Group
Håkan Fischer, Head

Technical and administrative group
Henrik Lennermark, General manager

Work environment and equal rights committee (RALV)
Emma Aldenstam, Head

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