Incoming exchange students

To be a student in a new country is an exciting challenge. We will do our best to guide you through your time with us.

Eva Marklund. Foto: Rickard Kihlström
Eva Marklund. Foto: Rickard Kihlström

All exchange students will be contacted by our International coordinator Eva Marklund, and will be given all relevant information.

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Courses for exchange students

Each semester there is one course, 15 credits in English.

We have four courses that alternate and are given every forth semester.

All four courses begin with the same module “The Swedish Model” that presents the Swedish welfare model. Alternating every semester the Swedish Model are thereafter followed by one of four in-depth sections that focus on challenges for social work with ”Social exclusion”, ”Child and family welfare”, ”Mental un-health, alcohol and drug-abuse” and ”Elderly and disabled”

Exhange students attend the course on master or bachelor level, but the advanced level is available for both exchange and swedish students. The contents and literature are the same on both levels, but the exam differs.

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International coordinator Eva Marklund

Director of master studies Torbjörn Bildtgård

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