Confirmation of Arrival/Stay

Please collect your arrival and confirmation of stay documents during the first and last week of your stay.

Confirmation of Arrival and Confirmation of Stay are documents your home university normally requires to confirm that you have actually arrived for your exchange studies and then completed your stay in Stockholm. They may have slightly different titles but are basically all the same.

Confirmation of Arrival

Make sure you bring the form and we sign it at registration.

Confirmation of Stay

At the end of your stay we sign your Confirmation of stay form, make sure you bring it.

We cannot sign confirmations by e-mail unless all your grades have been reported (4-6 weeks after completion of the semester).

Student Aid Documents etc.

Please send via e-mail or bring to registration for signature.

Duration of Stay

The duration of stay is always the first day of the Welcome Activities at Stockholm University - the last official day of the semester unless the mobility period is shorter than one semester.

See exact dates for each semester



Exchange and Alumni Coordinator
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