Only students officially nominated from our partner universities can apply

The online application for nominated Erasmus+ or Nordplus incoming students on Departmental agreements is open:

March 1 - April 15 for fall semester applications
1 September - 1 October for spring semester applications.

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Application process - exchange students

This section contains a step-by-step description of the application process for exchange students.

The application procedure for exchange students differs from that of non-exchange students (international students). As an exchange student, you:

must be nominated by your home university.
will remain registered at your home university.
apply through the International coordinator at your home university.

Non-exchange students (i.e international student), please see:

How to apply non exchange students

Application process exchange students

1. Find out if there is an exchange agreement between the university you are currently attending and Stockholm University by consulting by contacting your home university.

2. Contact the International coordinator at your home university for further information about application procedures and admission requirements.

3. Browse our course catalogue to decide which courses you are interested in applying to. You will generally only be allowed to study in the area named in the exchange agreement. Choose your courses together with your department at your home university and your department at Stockholm University. Please find a list of the Departmental coordinators at Stockholm University.

4. After you have been nominated by your home university, the procedures differ depending on whether you are coming trough a central university-wide agreement or a departmental agreement. You will get information on how to proceed from the International coordinator at your home university.

5. Once you have submitted your application form, you should not assume you have been accepted until you receive an official letter of acceptance from Stockholm University.

6. The choice of courses cannot always be guaranteed, although every effort will be made to give students the courses they have chosen. If in advance courses are cancelled or you do not meet the requirements, you will be contacted by your department at Stockholm University. The University cannot be held responsible for cancelled courses or students not being accepted onto courses due to classes being full or students not meeting the academic requirements.



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