New student

Welcome to the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism, including the Centre for Research on Bilingualism and the Institute of Interpreting and Translation Studies. Here we have gathered information that is of importance as a new student.


A smooth start

There are acouple of things you need to sort out before your studies begin. You have to register on your course, find your schedule and get your course literature. We also recommend that you participate in the welcome activities that Stockholm University organises for all newcomers.

Find all the information that you need before and at the beginning of the semester:

A smooth start


Get access to IT services, your university account and order a university card

Before your studies begin you need to get a university account and order a university card.

Get access to IT services


Register at your course

Once you have been admitted to an education with us, you will receive an email from one of our Course administrators. Usually you need to register online, and you have to register on time to confirm and keep your place.

Have you not received an email?

We use the email address you have registered on

  • Have you checked your spam box?
  • Have you registered the correct email address? Check your account on
  • Do you need help? Contact the Course administrator – see Contact further down on this page.

Register online and last registration day

Usually you need to register online, and you have to register on time to confirm and keep your place. Please see the email from Course administrator.

Activate your Student account to be able to register.


Start of the semester, course start and schedules

The semester begins with a scheduled introductory lecture or with a roll-call., where you will get information about the schedule, course content, course literature and more.

Information about dates and times for the semester's various course starts can be found in the schedule

  • The schedule is available about two months previous to the course start – sometime in June (autumn semester) and sometime in November/December (spring semester).
  • The schedule is preliminary and can be changed right up to the course start.
  • Late schedule changes are announced on the course site in the learning and collaboration platform Athena, which you can access after you have registered. See the header Register, above.

Every course at Stockholm University has its own webpage with information. There you will find your schedule (and information about the course literature).

Search with the course code or the course name.

Find courses and programmes within the Department

Find courses and programmes within the University


How to find us: rooms and maps

  • You will find information in the schedule about seminar rooms, see the header Term start, course start and schedule above.
  • Most of our seminar rooms and lecture halls are located adjacent to Building D, Södra huset, where the Department is located.
  • Our Study counsellors / Course administrators are located on Floor 4–6 in Building D, adjacent to Södra huset.
  • The Staff is located on Floor 3–6 in Building D and above the University Library on Floor 6 (PhD students) opposite Building D.

Please contact the Study counsellor / Course administrator to make an appointment, see Contact further down on this page.

Opening hours

Seminar rooms

Our seminar rooms are usually located in Building D, Södra huset on Floor 2 and 3, but other seminar rooms can also be used.

Auditoriums for large lectures and exams

Auditoriums A2–F11 for large lectures and exams are located on the 3rd floor in the long "corridor" that connects Building A–F in Södra huset. Auditorium F12 is located on the 2nd floor.

Maps to auditoriums A2–F12. Info in Swedish (803 Kb)

Examination halls (rooms) for exams

For exams and entrance exams, there are four examination halls in Södra huset. Exams can also be held in auditoriums A2–F12, see above, and in Språkstudion, building E, floor 2, or in other rooms (see your schedule).

Examination halls (rooms): Directions and maps. Info only in Swedish for the time being (Skrivsalar: Vägbeskrivning och kartor)


Course material and communication

  • Course information can be found in Athena, the learning and collaboration platform for courses at Stockholm University.
  • Once your course has started you will communicate with your teachers and the other students on Athena.
  • You will have access to Athena after you have registered for your course, see header Register at your course, above.


General information about our courses can be found in the Stockholm University Course catalogue.

You can search with the course code or the course name.

Find courses and programmes within the Department

Find courses and programmes within the University

When you are admitted and registered for a course, information such as lesson planning and grading criteria can be found on the course site in the learning and collaboration platform Athena.

It is also in Athena that you can communicate with your teachers and fellow students.

You log in to Athena with your university account (username and password).



Course literature and library

Each course has a literature list with titles of books and articles that you should read during the course. Some are available digitally and some as physical books and journals that you need to buy from booksellers or borrow from libraries.

Course literature lists are available on each course page, see Courses and programmes

Courses and Programmes

Once you have registered, you get access to the learning and collaboration platform Athena, where the course literature list can be found on the course site.


Digital course literature

A large part of the course literature is available in digital format on the learning and collaboration platform Athena and at the University Library. In the course literature list there is information about from where the digital articles can be downloaded.

Article search

The University Library has databases for article search, etc.

The University Library

Borrow course literature

All course literature is available as a day or weekly loan at the University Library.

The University Library

Buy course literature

At Stockholm University Library, they can show you how to find study materials such as books, journals and databases. They ensure that you have access to all the scientific literature you need within the university's subject areas.

Study places and group rooms

At Stockholm University Library there are study places for individual studies or teamwork at the main campus library and at the affiliated libraries, with access to scientific literature, computers and other things that you may need during your studies.

Resource room and allergy room

At the main campus library in Frescati, there is a specially equipped resource room for those with reading disabilities, and a special room for those with allergies.

The University Library

City of Stockholm Library

If the book etc. is unavailable at Stockholm University Library, you can also try the City  of Stockholm Library:



You can apply for a credit transfer for previous university studies. You can also apply for validation of real competence for (previous) professional activities.

  • You must be a student at Stockholm University, and thus admitted to a course to be able to apply for credit transfer.
  • Applying does not automatically mean that you get a credit transfer
  • Decisions on a credit transfer can be appealed.
  1. Apply for crediting in Ladok for students:

    Ladok for students
  2. Select "Crediting" and read the information carefully.
  3. To begin your application, click the Apply button at the bottom of that page.
  4. Follow the instructions for each step of the application.

If you need to postpone or cancel your studies

If you do not have the opportunity to start the course you have been admitted to or need to discontinue your studies, please contact the Study councellor as soon as possible. See Contact further down on this page.

If you get ill

See During your studies


Studying with a disability

Stockholm University provides targeted study support to students with long-term disabilities. The goal is to give all students the opportunity to study under equal conditions.

Disability service at the university

Contact them as soon as you have been admitted to a course.

Studying with a disability

Study counsellors / Course administrators at our department

See Contact further down on this page.

Please contact us about 34 weeks before the course start and no later than 2 weeks before an exam, preferably earlier.

If you contact us with short notice before the course start or before an exam, we can not guarantee that we will have time to make the adjustment you need. The time it takes for us to arrange the support also depends on the support needed.



Please note that during the current situtation with the corona pandemic, it varies if the department is open or locked, depending on the recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden. Please see our Opening hours, link below.

Contact: Course administrators, Study counsellors, Directors of studies, Environment and Working environment (See below as well.)

How to find us: Rooms and Maps

Finding your way on Stockholm University campus

Maps, Transportation and Accessible entrances

Opening hours

Studenthuset and Infocenter (SU) about Student services and support

Study councelling and Course administration: Bilingualism
Study counselling and Course administration: Translation Studies
Study councelling and Course administration: Interpreting
Study councelling and Course administration: Swedish for International Students and Employees
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