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A Different Look at… Frescati


Date: Wednesday 11 May 2022

Time: 17.00 – 18.30

Location: Accelerator

In the area around Stockholm University we are looking for traces of scientists and colonisers but also for centuries of Sámi presence. We welcome you to participate in a performative walk with artist Hanni Kamaly, curator student Lina Aastrup and archeologist Jonas Monié Nordin, Stockholm University. Artist Malin Lin Nordström contributes a sound piece.


If we look around, what do we see? What do the monuments and the places surrounding the university tell us? When were the monuments erected, why and by whom? How were the places named, what do they say to us today?


A Different Look at… FrescatiA Performative Walk in Two Acts

During the first act of the performative walk, Hanni Kamaly highlights issues related to who is heard and who is silent, whose memory is immortalised in sculptures and monuments and how art has contributed to the formation of a national identity.

In the walk’s second act, we continue into the forest accompanied by Malin Lin Nordström’s sound piece. On arrival at Lappkärret, we listen to a conversation between Lina Aastrup and Jonas Monié Nordin on the place name and the Sámi presence in the history of Stockholm.

The walk starts and ends outside Accelerator at Stockholm University, Frescativägen 26A. Participation is free of charge.

Limited places available. Prior registration at  

Language: Swedish.
Duration: approx. 90 minutes. 
Distance: some 3 km.

NB: You need a charged smart phone and headphones for the sound piece.

Konstnären Hanni Kalmar berättar för en publik.
Hanni Kamaly under den performativa vandringen ”Passages”. Foto. Sandra Åhman.