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Cultural Sociology at Stockholm University Mini-conference


Date: Thursday 19 May 2022

Time: 09.30 – 16.45

Location: B900

Paper presentations and oral research presentation on ongoing research with cultural sociological perspectives, at Stockholm University.

Cherry bloom at Frescati
Photo: Anna-Karin Landin/Stockholm University


9.30 - 10.00 Arrival and Fika

10.00 - 10.15 Opening remarks

10:15 - 11:45 Paper Session

Didem Oral and Anna Lund: Mother Tongue Instruction: Between Multicultural Incorporation and Assimilation Discussant: Sjors Joosten

Andrea Voyer: The American Mainstream as a Symbolic White Space Discussant: Elida Izani Ibrahim

Matteo Botto (and Lucas Gottzén): Swallowing and spitting out the Red Pill: Young men, vulnerability, and radicalisation pathways in the manosphere Discussant: Malcolm Jacobson

11:45 - 13:20 Lunch

13:20 - 14:40 Research Presentations I: Subcultures

Kristin Jung Ståhle: Shitposting, trolling or terrorism? A discussion on how to navigate the realms of controversial cybercultures

Kalle Berggren: Normate and crip articulations of dis/ability in Swedish hip hop Sjors Joosten: ‘Re-present’ Swedish hip-hop; the many sounds of Stockholm suburb Rinkeby

Malcolm Jacobson: Graffiti, aging and masculinity: a study on subcultural Internet memes

14.40 - 15.15 Break/Fika

15.15 - 16.15 Research Presentations II: Lifestyles and Their Contexts

Elida Izani Ibrahim: Changes in Political Alignments and Lifestyle Preferences

Elias La Grand: ‘This is wine, it should not taste like kombucha’: Field struggles and generational contestations in representations of ‘natural’ wine Serena

Coppolino Perfumi: Framings of “truth” and “fake news” in opposing political spheres 16.15-16.30 Concluding Remarks


About the working group

Cultural Sociology at Stockholm University generally meets over lunch on the third Friday of the month. The group is open to those who are pursuing or interested in pursuing meaning-centered inquiry in any subject area and using any research method.

The group helps members stay abreast of developments in cultural sociology, improve their own cultural sociological work, and develop networks and collaborations with other cultural sociologists and cultural sociology groups and centers in Sweden and abroad.

Anyone is welcome, but if it is your first visit to Cultural Sociology at Stockholm University, or to join the group email list, please contact the organizers, Anna Lund, anna.lund(@), and Andrea Voyer, andrea.voyer(@)