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Open lecture: Linguistic research may help us understand conflicts better


Date: Friday 18 March 2022

Time: 15.15 – 17.00

Location: Zoom (link: see below!)

In this open lecture, doctors Tatyana Karpenko-Seccombe from University of Huddersfield and Natalia Knoblock from Saginaw Valley State University present their chapters in the book Language of Conflict – Discourses of the Ukrainian Crisis, which Natalia Knoblock also edited. Through discourse analysis of different levels of the languages in Ukraine and Russia, we may better understand what is behind and what has assisted in pushing this conflict into war.

Language: English

About the speakers

Natalia Knoblock's research interests lie mostly in political and cognitive linguistics, sociolinguistics, and corpus-assisted discourse analysis. Her articles were published in such journals as Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict, Linguistics Vanguard, Pragmatics and Cognition, and Discourse and Society. She is currently serving as co-editor of the Journal of Language and Discrimination.

Tatyana Karpenko-Seccombe mainly lectures in English for Academic Purposes at Research and Enterprise. Her research includes corpus-assisted discourse analysis and Teaching English as a second language with corpora. Her articles were published in such journals as Corpora, Journal of English for Academic Purposes and Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines (CADAAD). She also authored Academic Writing with Corpora: A Resource Book for Data-Driven Learning (published by Routledge 2020).

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Demonstrationståg. Skylt med texten "Stop Putler"
Thousands of people protest against the war, but what is the meaning of some signs? How and when did these words appear? The answers to these questions are some that this open lecture will give you. Photos: Irene Elmerot (demo) and Amaury Laporte ("Stop Putler", licens CC BY 2.0.