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Environmental and Health Protection

Do you want to work to ensure that waste is managed sustainably, that pollutant emissions are as small as possible, that environmentally hazardous substances are handled safely, that harmful substances do not end up in our food, beverages or drinking water?

Environmental and health protection is about the complex interactions between humans and the environment. Environmental and health protection is aimed at those who want a broad education in environmental science, environmental technology, administration and communication – a background very much in demand by the labor market. You are trained to contribute in practical ways to the development of a sustainable society. You learn the basics and techniques to not only understand environmental issues, but also to solve them.

We collaborate with agencies and companies to ensure that the knowledge you gain is relevant and that you could get to know potential employers during your education.

The topic aims to provide you with tools and methods for detecting, preventing and remedying environmental risks. There is a need for in-depth knowledge of how pollution is generated, transformed, spread in water, soil, air and food, and the impact of pollution on humans and the environment. It is also important to have insight into which laws and regulations govern environmental actions.

In environmental and health protection, theory and practice are combined as you meet and work with individuals from agencies and companies. You have a base from a science education when you come to the program. During the two years of the master's program, you are trained in communication, gaining knowledge of environmental law and administration, and you get in-depth knowledge of food handling, and air, noise and sewage treatment to give just a few examples. You are trained in problem solving both individually and in groups, and get work experience at an agency or company.

To get a Master's degree you must do a 30hp independent project, which we would love to see you do in collaboration with a company or agency.

Career opportunities

The Master's program gives you very good opportunities to get a stimulating job in the areas of environmental and health protection and sustainability. There is a great need for environmental and health protection inspectors in municipalities and county administrative boards around the country.

Demand for people who can work as, for example, environmental managers or sustainability managers is also large in the business sector.

Courses and programmes


A master’s degree in Environmental and Health Protection can only be obtained through enrolment in the master program listed under Courses and programmes.

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