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Do you want to cure cancer, save the coral reefs or work to fulfil the UNs Sustainable development goals? Then you will need knowledge in biology ranging from DNA to ecosystems.

Biology education at Stockholm University opens a window into understanding the biological life on our planet. Whether it is aspects of genome biology, pathogenic microbes, greenhouse gas-producing Baltic clams, the costs of advanced brains or natural resource management.

Our teachers are active researchers at the forefront of their respective fields ensuring that our courses have a close connection to current research during your studies. Lectures, seminars, group work and practical laboratory sessions combine to increase both your theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills.

You will learn how to critically analyse and apply established methods to current research questions. You will be able to study animals and plants in their natural habitats as well as participate in practical ecological field work through different field trips and excursions. Stockholm University has access to three field stations located in interesting nature areas: Tovetorp in Södermanland, Askö in Trosa Archipelago and Tjärnö on the west coast of Sweden.

Career opportunities

Biologists are needed in numerous sectors of society, for example in research at universities and research and development in life science companies, government agencies, consulting firms and in education.

Courses and programmes


For a master’s or magister degree in biology you can either take free-standing courses or one of the programmes listed under Education. You can, through one of our programmes, also earn a degree in a Main Area of Study which is found in Degree Descriptions, see Degree Regulations.