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Environmental Science

Humanity’s footprint has altered the planet. Global warming, water and air pollution, ocean acidification, and loss of biodiversity are just a few of the myriad of environmental problems caused by humans. Understanding and resolving these problems is paramount to global sustainability.

Subject description

Environmental Science provides the knowledge and tools to confront environmental problems. The challenge is notoriously complex and it cannot be tackled using approaches from any single scientific discipline, nor even using natural science alone. Environmental Science is therefore rooted in multidisciplinary natural sciences, but also encompasses the social sciences, law, medicine, and the humanities. In practice, Environmental Science is an excellent option if you like to work in a team. When confronting transdisciplinary environmental problems, many heads are better than one!

At the master’s level, Environmental Science at is focused on the Earth’s natural systems and how they are disturbed. You will become familiar with challenges such as air and water pollution and climate change. You decide if you would like to focus on either, the composition and function of atmospheric and land systems as well as the interaction between them through transport, energy balances, and the water - and carbon cycles, or the understanding of the journey of contaminants, including emission sources, distribution and transport in the environmental, uptake by living organisms, transport to sites of toxic action, and potency of effects through various toxicological pathways. You will get the opportunity to get insights about major European and international regulatory systems. Environmental Science will provide you the tools to contribute to potential solutions of the Earth’s Environmental problems.

Career opportunities

Environmental Science prepares you for a rewarding career in environmental management and consulting in private or governmental sectors or a successful research career anywhere in the world.

Studying Environmental Science can reward you with a bachelor’s degree (Swedish only), master’s degree or a PhD.

Courses and programmes

  • PhD studies

    The research education in Environmental Science offers subjects within atmospheric science, (eco)toxicology, organic and inorganic environmental contaminant studies, and biogeochemical studies, and includes field, analytical, and/or modelling approaches.


For a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science you can choose to study individual courses or join one of the bachelor’s programmes listed under Educations within the subject.

The bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science is only offered in Swedish.
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For a master’s degree in Environmental Science you can choose to study individual courses or join one of the master’s programmes listed under Educations within the subject.

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