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On this page you will find instructions on how to download and install Claro. In order to access user information etc your Ladok status has to be ”active student” at Stockholm University.

Description Digital Study Tool and mind mapping tool
Supplier Svensk Talteknologi
Version Windows and Mac
Distribution This program is downloaded from the suppliers homesite.

For a how-to on how to download and install the program, see instructions below.

The instruction also contains information on renewal of license and instructions on how to uninstall the program.

Period of validity 19 September - 18 September
Renew license Renewed by downloaded again (see instruction below)
Questions/support Contact Helpdesk/Svensk Talteknologi support


Claro is a digital study tool, which includes various programs and features, including Text to Speech (ClaroRead Plus) and Mind Mapping Tool (ClaroIdeas). Claro is available in computer labs on campus as well as for students to install on personal computers.

ClaroRead Plus manual for Windows

ClaroRead Plus manual for Mac


ClaroRead Plus

ClaroRead Plus is available for both Mac and Windows and can read digital text out loud (such as web pages, articles, emails etc.). There are over 30 languages available for download and the built in scanner feature can convert paper documents, PDF files and images into readable formats. ClaroRead Plus can speak back everything you write with your keyboard (characters, words and/or sentences) in real time. There is also "word prediction" that will suggest words while you type.

When you install ClaroRead Plus, the following additional programs are included:

  • ScreenRuler: Digital reading ruler that is placed across you screen and follows your mouse pointer and typing cursor. The appearance of the ruler (such as colour and size) can be customized in settings.
  • ClaroCapture: Collects text that you select in files and web pages. You also get a link back to the source.
  • Claro AudioNote (Windows): Audio recording tool. You can add "bookmarks" in a recording, which makes it easier to navigate the audio file when you play it.
  • ClaroView: Adds a coloured overlay on your screen. You choose the colour and intensity and change the colour settings for programs, web pages and files to better suite you visually.
  • Speaking calculator: ClaroRead Plus will make the built in calculator in Windows and Mac speak.
  • Scan (Mac): A scanning feature(OCR) that converts scanned documents into format that can be read. Was previously a separate program - ReadIris Pro.

Additional programs

These programs are available for separate download and can be installed irrespective of ClaroRead Plus:

  • Claro BookReader (Windows): Will read PDF files out loud with built in Text to Speech function. The tool will allow personal notes like highlights and comments.
  • ClaroIdeas (Windows): A Mind Mapping Tool that can export you mind map to Word or PowerPoint.
  • ClaroRead Anywhere: Web based simple word processor with Text to Speech function that reads text out loud. There is also a speech recognition (Speech to Text) feature, but this is only available if you use the Google Chrome web browser.

Download the software by logging in to the suppliers’ Stockholm University account at Go to Skolon.

For information on which information you need to supply, click here.


Choose program and platform (Windows or Mac OS) and click download (Ladda ner). Your download will now start, usually it takes less than a minute.

Save the installation file on your desktop.

Note that some of the programs may require a license key during installation. You will find this information when you click on a program on Skolon.


Double click on the installation file > choose Run > and follow the installation guide. The installation usually takes less than a minute.

Languages to TTS (ClaroRead Plus): There are a large number of different voices and languages available for ClaroRead Plus. Click here for the installation guide.

To renew your license, download a new version according to the instructions above and you have renewed your license.

When you’ve finished your studies, you have to uninstall the software. The uninstall process varies depending on platform.


For support contact Svensk Talteknologi via email, or via telephone 0454-30 08 08.


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