• The information and data recorded in DiVA should match exactly the information and data in your publication.
  • The publication should be written while employed by Stockholm University.
  • The publication should be published (excluding the papers of doctoral theses).
  • Registration of the current year's publications should be prioritised.
  • Always fill in your local user id.
  • Always fill in your Orcid ID (if you have one).
  • Select your department or one of the sub-departments (if applicable). It is not sufficient to only select Stockholm University or your faculty level. Please note that if you make an exception and register a publication you wrote while at another university, that university's full name and the country its located in must be provided in the field "Other organization". These publications will not be included in the annual outtake and analysis of published works at Stockholm University.
  • Organisational affiliation only needs to be listed for writers that are affiliated with Stockholm University.
  • For articles and books, choose the relevant magazine and publisher from the list.
  • If the DOI or another link is provided in the publication, enter it in the field ”DOI / URL”.
  • Always select a 3-digit level under the "National subject category".

DiVA Registration Form

The University Library imports about 2,500 entries from Web of Science each year. This primarly applies to scientific articles. If your articles are included in the Web of Science, you do not need to register them manually in DiVA.

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