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Anne-Li Lindgren


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Works at Department of Child and Youth Studies
Telephone 08-120 763 18
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 21A
Room 360
Postal address Barn- och ungdomsvetenskapliga institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Professor and Deputy Head of Department

Section for Early Childhood Education


I'm teaching at the undergraduate and Master's programme in Early Childhood Education, as well as in PhD education courses.

Topics include:

i) History of early childhood education – professionalization strategies, child perspectives and childhoods;

ii) Child culture, children's culture and childhood;

iii) Play – what is it and how can it be used in early childhood education;

iv) Observations and documentations in early childhood education – why we need a visual ethics including children and adults;

v) Children as actors: Childhood Sociology revisited;

vi) Critical Discourse Analysis: A theory and method based on a three dimensional conception of discourse.


In my research I combine theories and methods from Childhood studies, Early childhood education, Media studies, Discourse studies, History of childhood, Cultural studies and Visual studies. I have a speicific interest in observations, documentations and visuality in early childhood education in historical and contemporary perspectives.

Research projects

Swedish Sex Education 1882-2014: Norms about sexuality in educational history research

Preschool as an image and looking apparatus: ways of seeing and visual knowledge production in small children’s everyday lives

Doctoral projects

Film ethnography about film practices in preschool: children’s and teacher’s perspectives

A magazine as an arena for professionalization and visualization of preschool practices: discourses about early childhood education in a societal context

Naptime in preschool

Translation in preschool

Highlighted publications

Lindgren, A-L. Towards an ethics of sexuality – alternative feminist figurations and a (boy) child: a close reading of a prize-winning sex education manual from the early twentieth century, 2018, Gender & Education, online.

Lindgren, A-L. Materializing fiction: Teachers as creators of play and children as embodied entrants in early childhood education. International Journal of Play, 2017, Vol 6, No 2, 1-16.

Lindgren, A-L, Sparrman, A, Samuelsson, T, and Cardell, D, Enacting (real) fiction: Materializing childhoods in a theme park, Childhood: A Global Journal of Child Research, 2015, 22(2): 171-186.

Sparrman, A, Cardell, D, Lindgren, A-L, and Samuelsson, T, The ontological choreography of (good) parenthood, In: Anna Sparrma, Allan Westerling, Judith Lind, Karen Ida Dannesboe (Eds.), Doing Good Parenthood. Ideals and Practices of Parental Involvement. Springer International Publishing AG, 2016, 113-125.

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