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Anne-Li Lindgren


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Works at Department of Child and Youth Studies
Telephone 08-120 763 18
Visiting address Frescati Hagväg 16b
Room 140
Postal address Barn- och ungdomsvetenskapliga institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Professor and Deputy Head of Department

Section for Early Childhood Education


Teaching Early Childhood Education, undergraduate and graduate levels.

Topics include: i) History of early childhood education – professionalization strategies and child perspectives; ii) Ways of seeing and looking practices among teachers and children in early childhood education: historical and contemporary perspectives; iii) Play – what is it and how can it be used in early childhood education; iv) Observations and documentations in early childhood education – why we need a visual ethics including children and adults.


In my research I combine theories and methods from Childhood studies, Early childhood education, Media studies, Discourse studies, History of childhood, Cultural studies and Visual studies. I have a speicific interest in observations, documentations and visuality in early childhood education in historical and contemporary perspectives.

Research projects

Preschool as an image and looking apparatus: ways of seeing and visual knowledge production in small children’s everyday lives

Doctoral projects

Film ethnography about film practices in preschool: children’s and teacher’s perspectives

A magazine as an arena for professionalization and visualization of preschool practices: discourses about early childhood education in a societal context

Naptime in preschool

Translation in preschool

Highlighted publications

Lindgren, A-L. Towards an ethics of sexuality – alternative feminist figurations and a (boy) child: a close reading of a prize-winning sex education manual from the early twentieth century, Gender & Education, online:

Lindgren, A-L. Materializing fiction: Teachers as creators of play and children as embodied entrants in early childhood education. International Journal of Play, 2017, Vol 6, No 2, 1-16.

Lindgren, A-L, Sparrman, A, Samuelsson, T, and Cardell, D, Enacting (real) fiction: Materializing childhoods in a theme park, Childhood: A Global Journal of Child Research, 2015, 22(2): 171-186.

Sparrman, A, Cardell, D, Lindgren, A-L, and Samuelsson, T, The ontological choreography of (good) parenthood, In: Anna Sparrma, Allan Westerling, Judith Lind, Karen Ida Dannesboe (Eds.), Doing Good Parenthood. Ideals and Practices of Parental Involvement. Springer International Publishing AG, 2016, 113-125.

Last updated: April 6, 2018

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