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Christine Alamaa

About me

I joined SOFI as a PhD student in Economics 2019 and started my PhD at the Department of Economics in 2015. I have also been a Research Assistant at SOFI since 2017. I hold a MSc in Economics from Stockholm University.
I am interested in Behavioural Economics, with special focus on behavioral biases related to gender, negotiations and competitions. I am broadly interested in labour market outcomes including both promotions as well as innovation and entrepreneurship. In my research I use both Experiments and Survey Data.
I have previously worked at SITE at SSE, being the Research Country manager in a large multi-disciplinary, multi-country project investigating Social Entrepreneurship and it's role for more inclusive and innovative societies.
In current research I look at gender differences between men and women in willingness to apply for jobs under different application processes. Additionally I work together with Jenny Säve-Söderbergh on gender differences in salary negotiations.