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Erica von EssenAssociate Professor

About me

Erica von Essen is an associate professor of Environmental Communication from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, now working at the Department of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University. As a non-disciplinary researcher, she conducts empirical and theoretical research on human-animal relations in modern society. She has looked at the scope of human-wildlife interactions including conflicts, killing, ethics, wildlife tourism, digital animal encounter, wildlife management, rewilding and hunting. She is especially knowledgeable in matters pertaining to wolves, wild boar, and to all things hunting. 


  • 3 PhD students, 23+ masters thesis students, 10+ undergrad
  • 2017 Pedagogical Prize, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Course leader for Independent Master Thesis Course, Interdisciplinary Practice within Masters Programme Sustainable Development, Communication Theory & Strategy Environmental Communication. Environmental Communication and Management Masters programme, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences



  • License to Cull: Investigating the Necropolitics of Countryside Culling and Urban Pest Control – FORMAS Research Council, Young Researchers (project leader), 3 M SEK


  • Work package leader for Empirical Opening #5 in ERC Project “Veterinarization of Europe: Hunting for Wild Boar Futures in the Time of African Swine Fever’”


  • Swedish Hunting Association – 100,000 SEK for 2020 (project leader)
  • Swedish Hunting Association – 100,000 SEK for 2019 (project leader)
  • Swedish Hunting Association – 100,000 SEK for 2018 (project leader)


  • Animal welfare and ethical challenges in animal-based tourism, 2019. Funded by Future Animals, Nature and Health (project leader). 50,000 SEK


  • Challenges Facing Swedish Hunting Ethics - Viltvårdsfonden, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, 4.5 M SEK 2018-2021 (project leader)

Research projects