Stockholm university

Eva Sverremark EkströmProfessor

About me

Professor in immunology at the Department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Gren Institute (MBW). In addition to research, I am involved in teaching at different levels concerning immunology.

I have editorial assignments for several journals and I frequently and regularly evaluate research grant/consortia proposals as well as applicants for positions and promotions, both in Sweden and abroad.


My research group currently consists of 3 PhD students, 3 post-docs/researchers and several national and international students.  


Our main research goals are to understand biological mechanisms behind (gut) microbe-induced immune modulation. We investigate different mechanisms in the gut microbe-host cross-talk, including detailed analyses of exposed immune cells at DNA, RNA and protein levels but also which microbial factors that are involved. Further, we examine how these early events contribute to the development of immune mediated diseases like asthma, allergy and how immunotherapy influence the gut-immune interactions. We also aim to understand how the microbiota contributes to chemotherapy efficacy and toxicity as well as to the recovery of immune functions after cancer treatment. We perform cellular and molecular experimental studies in vitro, complemented by in vivo studies and work with human clinical samples.