Ghazaleh Vafaeian


Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of Linguistics
Telephone 08-16 23 45
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 C, plan 2-3
Room C 228
Postal address Institutionen för lingvistik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

PhD Student
Special Doctoral Programme in Language and Linguistics

Home Department: Department of Linguistics



Introduktion till lingvistik - Introduction to Linguistics (First level)

Supervision (together with Eva Lindström) of Master Thesis on Spacial relations in Persian


My research topic is concerned with the progressive aspect in Iranian languages. The research includes a study on the functional span of the dāštan construction in Persian as well as a typological survey of the progressive constructions among Iranian languages. A study of the imperfective domain within Iranian languages is also conducted where the progressive is contrasted with the present and past imperfective. My research interests are aspect, grammaticalization processes and language contact.

Last updated: May 16, 2017

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