Ida Borg


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Works at Department of Human Geography
Telephone 08-16 48 50
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 8
Room X 333
Postal address Kulturgeografiska institutionen 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I am a PhD Candidate in Human Geography at the Department of Human Geography. I work in the research profile Population Geography, Migration and GIS. I am also a part of the Swedish Initiative for Research on Microdata in the Social And Medical Sciences (SIMSAM) and the Stockholm University SIMSAM node for Demographic Research (SUNDEM) held at Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA). I am also student affiliated of the SPaDE collaboration working on Social Policy and Family Dynamics in Europe. I graduated from The Swedish Interdisciplinary Graduate School in register-based research (SINGS) in december 2016.


The topic of my dissertation is poverty and housing tenure types: housing deprivation, unemployment and residualisation.







Borg, I. and Brandén, M. (2017) Do high levels of home-ownership create unemployment? Introducing the missing link between housing tenure and unemployment. Housing Studies, , pp. 1-24. Link

Kihlanki, H and Borg, I. (2016) Verkliga röster i debatten om svarthandel med hyreskontrakt – att tala med och inte om köpare [Real voices in the debate on black market rental contracts. To talk with and not about the buyers] PLAN, no 2, pp 44-47 Link to article (in swedish)

Borg, I. (2015) Housing Deprivation in Europe: On the Role of Rental Tenure Types. Housing, Theory and Society, 32(1), pp 73-93 Link

Fritzell, J., Hertzman, J., Bäckman, O., Borg, I., Ferrarini, T., Nelson, K. (2014) ‘Sweden: Increasing Income Inequalities and Changing Social Relations’, in Nolan, B., Salverda, W., Checchi, D., Marx, I., McKnight, A., György Tóth, I., van de Werfhorst, H. (eds.) Changing Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Rich Countries. Thirty Countries' Experiences. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Fritzell Johan, Bacchus Hertzmann Jennie, Bäckman Olof, Borg Ida, Ferrarini Tommy, Nelson Kenneth (2014). Country Report on Growing Inequality and its Impacts in Sweden. GINI: Growing Inequalities Impact, Amsterdam

Stenberg S-Å, Kjellbom P, Borg I, Sonmark K (2011). Varför vräks barn fortfarande? [Why are children still evicted?] Report for Ministry of Health and Social Affairs Dnr S2010/4139/FST

Publications in press:

Borg, I (2013). Bostadspolitiken och hyressektorn i Europa. Fronesisnr 42-43 Stockholm: Tidskriftsföreningen Fronesis

Stenberg, S.-Å., Kjellbom, P., Borg, I. & Sonmark, K. (2012). Nu är det 2012 och barn vräks fortfarande: i DN-debatt 2012-01-02. Dagens Nyheter.

Stenberg, S.-Å., Kjellbom, P., Borg, I. & Sonmark, K. (2011). Mer prat än verkstad från regeringen om vräkta barn: i DN Debatt 2011-12-24. Dagens Nyheter.


Residualisation of public housing in Sweden. ENHR conference and workshop on Social Housing Institutions, Organisations and Governance. Tirana, Albania, September 4-6 2017

Organized session H3 "Housing market change and housing construction in the 21st century: Segregation, inequality, public housing, marketization, gentrification" in NGM conference in Stockholm, June 2017. Presented paper: Residualisation of public housing in Sweden in the same session.

Labour market matching and home-owning sector size. ENHR conference and Workshop on Housing Economics. Lisbon, Portugal June 29 -July 2, 2015. Borg, I and Brandén, M

Worker mobility and the housing market: New approaches to the size of the rental and owner-occupied sectors and its consequences for labor. AAG conference, Chicago, USA April 21 -25 2015. Borg, I and Brandén M

Last updated: February 6, 2018

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