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Johanna Wallin

About me

Johanna Wallin is a PhD student at the department of Child- and Youth studies, since 2021. Johanna holds an MPhil (licentiate) in Development Studies from the Oxford Department of International Development (2015) and an MA (Hons) in Politics and International Relations from the University of Aberdeen (2013). 

About my research

My project explores the relationship between the transnational family space and everyday nationalism. Looking at how family members from different generations understand, experience and navigate different places, the project discusses the role that place-belonging and nationhood play in the production and reproduction of nations. 


Danielle Ekman-Ladru 

Mirjam Hagström 


Johanna teaches the course social relations in the school (undergratuate level) and in the course children, youth and migration (postgratuate level).