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Kari Trost

About me

Associate Professor

Section for Child and Youth Studies

Senior lecturer in the section for Child and Youth Studies 


Person-oriented methodology, profiling, IPA, mixed method approaches,  parent-child relationship, school, education, clinical programs, quantitative methods, statistics, developmental psychology/science, youth perspective, identity development, social interactions, youth consumerism


Is responsible for courses in Child and Youth studies and has specific expert knowledge in the areas of

  • Degree papers and theses
  • Social relationships within and outside the family and school
  • Developmental psychological and learning theories 
  • Identity & youth consumerism
  • Person-oriented methodology
  • Quantitative scientific methods
  • Youth health, well-being, and school adjustment

Has extensive experience in teaching in the following areas: Social psychology, developmental psychology/developmental science, pedagogical psychology, statistics, research methods and design. Lectures and seminars vary from major and micro perspectives within these mentioned areas. Trost has specific expertise in: person-oriented methodological approaches, unique cohorts/profiling using longitudinal and sequential research design, and holistic theoretical frameworks. Course responsibilities vary from undergraduate to advanced graduate studies. Trost has advised and examined many student theses ranging from undergraduate to doctoral levels within the disciplines of child and youth studies, psychology, health, and academic engagement.