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Monika Quinones Winder

About me

I am Professor in Marine Ecology at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences, Stockholm University. I received my PhD in Natural Sciences from the ETH in Zürich, Switzerland and conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Washington, Seattle, and at the University of California, Davis.

My research explores aquatic food web interactions and how they respond to changes in the environment. I study the role of species composition and biotic interactions for the regulation of populations, trophic energy transfer and ecosystem functioning. My research addresses questions in freshwater and marine systems with a special emphasis on planktonic organisms. I combine descriptive field studies, long-term ecological and experimental research with novel tools, such as selective metabarcoding to relate external forcing on species and ecosystem dynamics.

You can find more information on our ongoing projects at our group website here.


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I am course responsible for the master course Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and teach in several other courses on marine food web interactions and climate change.


Current projects

Plankton-fish interactions in the Baltic Sea: New project funded by FORMAS, starting 2021

Responses of pelagic-benthic coupling to environmental change - People involved: Per Hedberg, PhD student; funded by FORMAS

Consequences of environmental change on plankton species interaction networks and ecosystem function - People involved: Andreas Novotny, Baptiste Serandour, PhD students; funded by VR

Fish larvae diversity, distribution and connectivity in coastal East Africa - People involved: Noah Ngisiange, PhD student; Vivien Holub, master student; funded by MASMA

Plankton community compositions within mangroves in the Galapagos Islands - People involved: Calum Young, master student

Drivers of symbiotic interactions in plankton communities - People involved: Tianshuo Xu, PhD student

Efficiency of cyanobacteria uptake by zooplankton - People involved: Rebecca Schröter, master student


Check our group website here for more information about our research projects.


Research projects