Stockholm university

Wiweka Warnling Conradsson

About me

Course director – Constitutional Law, 8 credit points. I teach courses in Constitutional Law and Administrative Law.

My earlier research, including various textbooks that I have written, centred on administrative law: ‘Sanktionsavgifter, särskilt vid olovligt byggande (Sanction Fees, Especially in the Context of Unlawful Building), (1987), Kommuners lag- och domstolstrots’ (The Municipalities’ Obstruction of Justice and Contempt of Court) (1995), ‘En introduction till förvaltningsrätten (An introduction to Administrative Law) (9th ed in December 2008). I have also published a large number of articles in various festschrifts and in law review journals, such as JT and FT.

In recent years I have also been active in a wider public law sphere: Rättsprövning & rätten till domstolsprövning’ (Legal Review and the Right to Judicial Review), (2007), and ‘En orienteering i tryckfrihet & yttrandefrihet’ (A Guide to Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Expression), (2009).

Presently I am writing a book about administrative law considered from the point of view of the private business sector, which has been inspired by cases such as that of the nuclear power station Barsebäck, and disputes before PTS and the Council on Legislation about licences for mobile telephone services.