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Research group Children, Migration and Integration

In 2016, the Human Science Academic Area (HSAA) introduced a specific interdisciplinary initiative directed towards the themes of Children, Migration and Integration (CMI), an initiative to which the Vice-Chancellor had granted funds.

Group description

In 2017 six researchers were hired on a two-year basis to conduct research within the project. This research resulted in the book “Barn, migration, integration i en utmanande tid”, that was published in 2019. The CMI-initiative now enters a new phase, with focus on consolidation and sustainability of the CMI established research networks within the university.

The aim of the Children, Migration, Integration (CMI) initiative is to establish a sustainable, multi-methodological research cluster at Stockholm University. CMI research focuses on issues concerning children, migration and integration within the humanities, social sciences and legal sciences. The university’s CMI initiative is characterized by an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge between different scientific fields and disciplines, and the intention is to continue to work in close collaboration and dialogue with other societal actors. The issues that are identified within CMI are not only of national relevance. Therefore, the research and collaborative efforts are conducted with an international and global outlook.

The initiative is coordinated and administered by the Stockholm Centre for the Rights of the Child based at the Faculty of Law, under the guidance of a steering committee comprised by researchers from the Faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law.

Group members

Group managers

Tommy Lundström

Professor i socialt arbete

Department of Social Work
Tommy Lundström. Foto: Eva Dalin

Wiweka Warnling Conradsson

Professor i offentlig rätt

Department of Law
Wiweka Warnling Nerep


Lisa Berg

Senior Lecturer/docent

Department of Public Health Sciences
Lisa Berg

Katrin Lainpelto

Universitetslektor, docent

Department of Law
Katrin Lainpelto

Erik Lundqvist

Associate professor

Department of Psychology, Umeå University

Kavot Zillén

Universitetslektor, docent

Department of Law
Kavot Zillen

Research projects