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Research project Cooperative information platform for low carbon and sustainable mobility – CISMOB

CISMOB’s main vision is to promote innovative ways to reduce carbon footprint and increase sustainability. This project aims to improve efficiency in the use of urban transport infrastructure through ICT. The project also looks into how public transport was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CISMOB (Cooperative information platform for low carbon and sustainable mobility) aims at increasing collaboration between European regions to build trust among key stakeholders (for example transport authorities, traffic operators, providers of mobility service apps and consumers protection organizations). We do this by having thematic regional and interregional meetings and conferences to exchange experiences.

CISMOB focuses on improving the implementation of regional policies and local mobility programmers by having a thorough understanding about the different transport-related impacts and the main vulnerabilities associated to different zones of the territory.

CISMOB integrates a set of cities and regions of heterogenic characteristics, which are represented by institutions with complementary profiles. All partners cooperate together in order to learn best practices of sustainable management of urban transport taking advantage of ICT. Workshops, staff exchange-programs and dissemination actions will be carried out with the aim of exchanging local experiences, learning best practices and enhancing citizens’ participation.

Project members

Project managers

Mattias Svahn


Department of Computer and Systems Sciences

Aron Larsson

Vice föreståndare eGovLab

Department of Computer and Systems Sciences
Photo of Aron Larsson

Jorge Bandeira

University of Aveiro, Portugal


Marlene Marques

Municipality of Agueada

Mihai Cosmin Niculescu

Intelligent Transport Systems ITS – Romania

German Botejara Sanz

Extremadura Energy Agency

Lara Redondo

Extremadura Energy Agency

Carmen Aura Raducu

Bucharest – Ilfov Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport

Nuno Gomes

Municipio De Pombal, Portugal

Carlos Sampaio

University of Aveiro, Portugal

Eloisa Macado

University of Aveiro, Portugal

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