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In atomic physics we performs fundamental experimental and theoretical research on inherent properties of atomic systems and on atomic collision processes in the broad sense.

The experiments are mostly carried out at the DESIREE facility at the Department of Physics, a very powerful facility for different types of experiments with ions from atoms, molecules and clusters at low temperatures. We also study antihydrogen and interactions between atoms and electromagnetic radiation on extremely short time scales (attoseconds). Our activities are connected to nearby fields of research, in particular to astrophysics but also to atmospheric sciences and biophysics on a molecular level.

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At the Department of Physics at Stockholm University, we offer high-quality education with a strong connection to frontier research. We promise exciting studies in tight student groups and with active researchers as your teachers.

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At Fysikum there are four postgraduate subjects: physics, theoretical physics, chemical physics and medical radiation physics.

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Research in the subject is mainly carried out at Fysikum in the division of Atomic Physics.

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