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Medical Radiation Physics is a vast and complex translational research topic that deals with radiation physics applied to medicine and biology for medical radiation imaging and radiation therapy.

The research areas at the Medical Radiation Physics division span over the beneficial and the detrimental effects of radiation, covering several actual topics in the field of radiation applied to medicine, including diagnostics and radiation therapy, as well as in radiation protection.

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Medicinsk sjukhusfysik
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As a medical physicist you are the radiation expert in healthcare. Independently and in collaboration with others, you apply physical methods to diagnose and cure diseases such as cancer. To this end, you need profound knowledge not only in physics, but also in biology and medicine.

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At Fysikum there are four postgraduate subjects: physics, theoretical physics, chemical physics and medical radiation physics.

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Research in the subject is mainly carried out at Fysikum in the division of Medical Radiation Physics.

Department of Physics