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Buyer Behaviour

With a focus on contemporary developments, the purpose of this course is to deepen the student’s knowledge in the field of research on buyers.

The course will critically assess the traditions of customer/consumer psychology and cultural approaches to consumption and define the various methodological assumptions that pertain to these subfields. In addition to recent theory developments, the course will add to the methodological toolkit of the student by exploring both conventional and more radical approaches for inquiry. By conducting a research project utilizing the theoretical underpinnings and relevant methods of discourses represented in the course, the student will gain hands-on understanding of how knowledge is produced, assessed and implemented in research on buyers.

Upon completion of the course students will have a close familiarity with recent theoretical developments in the various schools of research on buyers. In addition and in accordance with contemporary theoretical views, students will be able to understand and empirically operationalize how knowledge is produced, assessed and implemented in this field.