Physical Measuring Techniques, 7.5 credits

About the course

a. The course deals with problems and questions in connection with physical measurements. Initially the measurement process is discussed from knowledge theoretical and statistical perspective. Transform methods are used to analyze dynamical processes. The Fourier transform is used to discuss system properties, the Laplace transform to describe control systems and stability and the Z-transform to describe digital signal processing. Image processing parallels are discussed using the 2 dimensional Fourier transform.

The course deal with different issues like: signals, noise, data acquisition, data reduction, trigging, control systems, pulse electronics, transmission lines, grounding, sensors, transducers, measuring modules, measuring systems and software for measurement control.

b. The course consists of the following course units:

KONC, Koncept (Concepts) 5 credits

EXPT, Experiment (Experiment) 2.5 credits

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