Basic Radiobiology, 9 credits

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Subject: Medical Radiation Physics

Medical radiation physics is an interdisciplinary physics subject with application to mathematics, medicine biology and chemistry.

The subject covers the use of radiation mainly in medicine in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications, but also within industrial applications like nuclear power. There are also possibilities to work at companies within the area of biomedical engineering, some of which are emanating from research ideas at the department.

Radiation means mainly ionising radiation, i. e. x-rays and radiation from radioactive sources, but the medical applications of non ionising radiation as e g ultrasound, laser and in special MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) are also discussed.

Radiation protection and radiation risks are an important part of the subject and the transport of radioactive nuclides from a radiation source, e g, a nuclear power station, to a human being is studied in detail.

A Master of Science in Medical Physics, that is obtained after studies at the Medical Physics program, is compulsory for getting a registration as a medical physicist.

The research at the department is studying the physical and biological effects of radiation, to be able to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods using ionising radiation.

Another important part of the research is dedicated to the development of methods to detect and measure radiation with as high sensitivity and accuracy as possible. Mathematical models make it possible to simulate both transport and detection of radiation why except from experimental studies, computers are important tools.

Area of interest: Science and Mathematics

Science and mathematics help us understand how the world around us is connected – from the origin and structure of the universe, to the development and function of humanity and all other organisms on earth.

Scientific knowledge makes it possible to critically examine the credibility of information in different areas of everyday life, society, and the media.

As a scientist or mathematician, you will be attractive on a large job market that covers all parts of society and includes everything from pure technology companies to environment and healthcare, as well as research.

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Department of Physics