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Traineeship in Geography

The aim of the traineeship is to give general working experience and practice from a place of work where knowledge in geography is used.

You will practice your knowledge and skills and you will learn how quaternary geological work is organised and carried out in a company, organisation or authority.

You are expected to participate in the daily work as any other employee. Before starting you traineeship, the place of work and the external supervisor must be accepted by the course coordinator. The course starts with a mandatory introduction at the university after which you start your traineeship. After the traineeship you will report to the course coordinator at the department. The report should be in writing (in the form of a diary or a log book) and an oral presentation.

Instructions for traineeships and traineeship courses

The course is offered within the Master's Program in Globalization, Environment and Social Change (SGMFO). The course is only given within this program and not as a free standing course.

No more than 15 credits of traineeship courses may be included in a degree.