Structural Biochemistry, 15 credits

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The field dealing with protein structure at atomic resolution, structural biochemistry, has had a great impact on our understanding of the details in important processes that occur with high precision in the cell. This course deals with concepts in structural biochemistry, both in terms of understanding the most important protein structures on a molecular level, as well as the most important techniques for determining three-dimensional structure at atomic resolution. The important relationship between structure and function is illustrated with examples of how three-dimensional structures have provided us with molecular details of important reactions in the cell. The following main techniques for determining protein structure at atomic resolution are covered: X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy. and nuclear magnetic resonance.

Time: The course is given Aug./Sept.-Oct. (periods A-B)

Contact: Martin Högbom

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Subject: Chemistry

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Area of interest: Science and Mathematics

Science and mathematics help us understand how the world around us is connected – from the origin and structure of the universe, to the development and function of humanity and all other organisms on earth.

Scientific knowledge makes it possible to critically examine the credibility of information in different areas of everyday life, society, and the media.

As a scientist or mathematician, you will be attractive on a large job market that covers all parts of society and includes everything from pure technology companies to environment and healthcare, as well as research.

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Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics