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Master's Thesis in Human Geography

The course involves independently writing a Master's thesis in Human Geography.In this course, students individually write a thesis corresponding to 30 credits. This means one semester full time studies.

Bachelor degree and 75 HECs at the Second Cycle incl. 60 HECs in Human Geography incl. Space and Society - Theory and Method in Human Geography, or corresponding courses. English B.

  • Course structure

    This is accomplished through individual work, individual supervision and seminars. Depending on the question developed for the thesis, this course may involve different types of field studies; in the close vicinity, on other places or internationally. The master’s thesis may be included in a master’s degree.

    Teaching format

    Obligatory teaching is seminars and individual tutoring or advising. The language of the course is English.

    Tutorials are conducted in English or Swedish. Other teaching takes place in English

    Detailed information, including grading criteria, is presented at the course introduction and via the collaboration and learning environment Athena.


    Learning objectives

    After completing the course, the student is expected to independently and at an appropriate academic level – be able to: 

    • Formulate a research question and systematically integrate and reflexively discuss theoretical reasoning, methodological applications and data in a Master’s essay.
    • Review other students’ theses at a level appropriate to second cycle study.
    • Present independent insight on the possibilities and limits of academic research, the roll of academic research in society, and people’s responsibility for how research is used. 
    • Identify in all research situations issues and norms related to research ethics and review one’s own and the work of others from an ethical standpoint.


    Examination takes place through a master thesis, opposition to and defense of the master thesis.


    Several teachers assess and grade within the course.

    Examiner: Karen Haandrikman, Department of Human Geography

  • Course reports

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