Advanced Organic Chemistry, 15 credits

About this education

his course in advanced organic chemistry emphasize on the most important aspects of reactivity within the field of organic synthesis. The students will gain a deeper mechanistic understanding of organic reactions as well as a broader knowledge regarding organic reactivity. The ability to control the reactivity and the selectivity of a particular transformation is a central pillar in modern synthetic organic chemistry, and these aspects are thoroughly discussed in this course. In particular, methods for controlling the chemo-, regio- and enantioselectivity are highlighted. Important specific topics covered in this course include:

* Selective carbonyl reactions

* Oxidations and reductions

* Organometallic reagents

* Pericyclic reactions

* Multi-step synthesis

* Protecting group strategies

The course is given over two semesters which make it possible to combine with the 45 hp Degree project in organic chemistry.

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