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Art management and law II: specializations

The course module will help contextualise the theoretical knowledge acquired in Art management & law I, through the analysis and comparison of cases. The course is a part of the International Master's Program in Curating, including Art, Management and Law.

The understanding of central concepts, practices and strategies relating to law and management in the field of curating are deepened through critical analysis and comparison of examples and cases. The lectures in law are more focused on copyright law and the contracting and management of rights. During the lectures and seminars we discuss e.g. what is an “original" artistic work, who is the protected author or rightowner, what uses are covered by the exclusive right and what are the exceptions allowing use without license. Can the curator also be an author? What are related rights?

  • Course structure

    Teaching format

    Lectures with discussions, guest lectures with discussions (including excursions), seminars, and group work assignments.


     The following methods of examination are used: Group assignment to present a curator’s handbook consisting of a number of chapters or sections relating to the topics of management, marketing, funding, budgeting, law and other relevant issues. The curator’s handbook should be a report ready for use by active curators and curator students alike. In order to pass the course module, the student must also participate in a recurring and obligatory seminar series.

  • Contact

    Chair of Programme and Course leader

    Robin McGinley

    Programme Coordinator

    Alexandra Urefalk