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Research Traineeship in Materials Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry I

The student participates in the daily work at a research laboratory and performs normal work tasks under supervision. The traineeship can be performed within any of the following fields: Materials chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, or analytical chemistry.

You have to find a supervisor to be able to do research traineeship at the Chemistry Section. For more information on how to apply, find a supervisor and other important information, read here:
Research Traineeship

You have to do a research plan when you have found a supervisor, here is the template:
MMK Research plan (344 Kb)

The dates in the study period below (in phones) or on the right (laptops/desktops) are only during which period it is possible to perform the research traineeship. You decide together with the supervisor during which weeks of the period the traineeship will be performed.

You can do KZ5010 after this course if you want to do a new project or if you want to do the same project for a longer period. 7,5 ECTS equals about five weeks of full-time work.

  • Course structure


    The course is examined by the following:

    • A written log-book
    • An oral presentation

    The examination is in English. If multiple research traineeship courses are performed after each other with the same project and supervisor all traineeship courses are examined at the same time at the end of the last one.

    Find more information and the assessment criteria here:
    MMK General information & assessment criteria (207 Kb)


    Alexander Lyubartserv

  • Contact

    Course coordinator and examiner
    Chemistry Section & Student Affairs Office