Politics and Popular Culture, 7.5 credits

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The course is about narratives of politics in a globalized world, and more specifically depictions of contemporary world politics in science fiction and fantasy (SF). Several key concepts to be explored are central to theoretical debates in both the humanities and social sciences, but tend to be used in very different ways by political scientists and media scholars -- concepts such as realism, representation, identity, myth and power. The course is structured around two theoretical traditions: the study of international relations, and narrative theory. No previous knowledge of either field is required, nor are students supposed to become experts in these traditions by the end of the course. Instead, students will be expected to make scholarship out of the banal, by relating these theories to the sorts of popular culture texts encountered in everyday life, and in particular novels and films from the science fiction and fantasy genre.

Subject: Media and Communication

Media and Communication Studies is an international and vibrant interdisciplinary field of studies with influences from both Social Sciences and the Humanities. Research and studies within the field aims to understand and/or explain both historical developments and contemporary phenomena involving media.

It includes the study of traditional media organizations (television, print media, radio) as well as new forms of media such as social media platforms, digital news media, streaming services, and other digital technologies that influence our everyday lives and shape our perceptions, world views, and affect our society, culture, and politics on an aggregate level.

Examples of topics explored within the field are: media and; power, democracy, economics, social movements, identity, extremism, gender, diversity, war and conflict, representation, climate change, migration, minorities, and existential issues.

Area of interest: Media and Communications

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