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Tendencies and trends in creative technology

This course provides the students with the opportunity to investigate trends and examine the potential impact of creative technologies on the computer industry.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to describe and evaluate the impact of the implementation of new software, hardware and networking technologies, conduct research and be able to summarize trends that have an impact on the computer industry. Furthermore, the students investigate, test and consider the use and cost effectiveness of software and/or hardware in the business environment.

  • Course structure

    Teaching format

    The teaching consists of lectures, teaching sessions, supervision and seminars.


    The course is examined as follows: 

    • written assignments
    • individual essay


  • Schedule

    The schedule will be available no later than one month before the start of the course. We do not recommend print-outs as changes can occur. At the start of the course, your department will advise where you can find your schedule during the course.
  • Course literature

    Note that the course literature can be changed up to two months before the start of the course.

  • Contact

    This course is part of a programme and is not available for application as a stand-alone course.

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