Master's Programme in Analytical Chemistry, 120 credits

About the education

The need to measure the presence of chemical compounds have in recent years increased exponentially. Synthesis Products for pharmaceutical manufacture, proteins and other macromolecules biological systems, environmental contaminants in complex samples, trace elements in anti-doping and drug seizures are just a few examples of the great need of the field of analytical chemistry. Analytical chemistry can easily be defined as the science of measurement in chemistry, and thus becomes a prerequisite for many other kemigrenars development.

Master Program in Analytical Chemistry is aimed at students who wish to gain a broad and deep knowledge of modern analytical techniques and to interpret and process measurements. The activities of the Department are concentrated in research on sampling, methods of separation, organic trace analysis of biochemical, environmental and occupational chemical applications, chemometrics, methods for analysis of both organic and inorganic substances of different chemical matrices such as air, water, combustion gases and the automation and process control. Since analytical chemistry are a very big part of the chemistry in the commercial sector engaged in the department a number of partnerships with large and small companies in the area.

The program consists of compulsory courses equivalent to 45 credits, elective courses corresponding to 15 credits, optional courses corresponding to a maximum of 15 credits and an independent work of at least 45 credits. The purpose of the master's degree in analytical chemistry is that students will gain a broad knowledge and understanding in the main field of analytical chemistry, in-depth knowledge of certain parts of the field and advanced understanding of the current analytical research through active laboratory work. A Master in Analytical Chemistry means that you will be well prepared for solving chemical issues in your future national / international careers.

Subject: Chemistry

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Area of interest: Science and Mathematics

Science and mathematics help us understand how the world around us is connected – from the origin and structure of the universe, to the development and function of humanity and all other organisms on earth.

Scientific knowledge makes it possible to critically examine the credibility of information in different areas of everyday life, society, and the media.

As a scientist or mathematician, you will be attractive on a large job market that covers all parts of society and includes everything from pure technology companies to environment and healthcare, as well as research.