Master´s Programme in Social Work, 120 credits

About the education

For persons working with social issues the Department of Social Work offers Master's programme in Social Work. All of the courses in the programme, except for the thesis writing course, can be read as freestanding courses.

This programme builds on the research being carried out at the Department and at our collaborating institutions. You will be sharing in the latest research findings which you will then be able to process and adapt to your own work or to other situations. Our idea is for you to be able to use social work as a knowledge base for more in-depth analyses in your work. Teaching is based on the knowledge gained from your previous university education and your own active pursuit of knowledge. This demands independence of mind and the ability to take own initiatives. Some part of the required reading is in English but instruction is given in Swedish. The programme begins with a course in philosophy of science and ends with a thesis writing course where you will apply scientific methods and theories to the writing of a paper under the tutelage of experienced supervisors. Obligatory is the following:

Evidence and Knowledge in Social Work, 7.5 HEC's

At least 30 HEC's from the Department's range of Master's courses, Courses in philosophy of science and research methods amounting to 22.5 HEC's, Independent Project for the Master’s Degree in Social Work 30 HEC's. When accepted to the programme you are automatically registered for the first course in philosophy of science, 7.5 HEC's.

Subject: Social Work

Are you someone who is interested in social issues and people’s life situations? Then social work may be just what you’re looking for. Social work is a social science field dealing with the causes and consequences of social problems on individual, group and societal level. Central to the field are different perspectives on social issues and processes of change, including an international comparative one. Important points of departure for social work are theories of human behavior, social systems and human interaction with the environment. Social work studies will provide you with the tools to analyze different types of social interventions aimed at handling and alleviating social problems. Social work studies also give you the tools to design interventions for the prevention and remediation of social problems―interventions needed both in work with individuals, families, groups and the local community as well as in development, planning and research tasks in other parts of the society.

Area of interest: Human, Social and Political Sciences, and Law

Are you interested in human beings and society? How we function individually and together, what drives us, our learning processes, how rules and laws have been established, and how we interact with each other? If that is the case we have a lot to offer.

This area of interest covers anything from Pedagogy, Psychology and Gender Studies, to Statistics, Political Science, Law and many other subjects. Their common denominator is the relation between human beings and society, independent analytical thinking and often an international perspective.

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