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Anna-Lena Kempe


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Om mig

Anna-Lena Kempe (former Rostvall), associate professor in education at the Department of Education, Stockholm University. Together with Tore West and Eva Svärdemo Åberg, leading the research group DidaktikDesign. (DidacticDesign).

Earlier positions include the Stockholm Institute of Education (2002-2008) and the Swedish Royal College of Music (1989-2002). During 2002-2006 she was leading a research project funded by the Swedish Research Council Dr. Kempe is also an author of several books used in music education and in teacher education and has written editorials in the journal Designs for learning

Her research focuses foremost on video recorded classroom interaction with a particular interest in critical discourse analysis, social semiotics and multimodal analysis of educational communication, designs for learning, primarily in the context of teacher education and music education.

Current research projects

  • A comparative analysis of how teacher student's final essays have changed during the last 20 years, a period with several implementations of policies regarding the content and form of teacher training.
  • A social semiotic analysis of how municipal music schools re-present their forms of education on websites and how these representations reflect different views on music as well as the roles and agency of the pupils and how the learning process is perceived to occur.
  • A critical discourse analysis of how systematic research based knowledge in music teaching and learning is represented, constructed or omitted in Swedish and British music teacher training.
  • A comparative analysis of a collection of course books aimed for teacher students on how to conduct empirical studies of teaching and learning.


Dr Kempe has taught ten doctoral courses foremost in research methodology and ethics. She has given more than 150 lectures and practical workshops for in-service teachers and doctoral students with a focus on research methodology, particularly video based ethnographic data and theoretical issues regarding research on teaching and learning. She is currently supervising four doctoral students.


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