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I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas
  • 2017. Helén Knutes Nyqvist, Marie-Louise Stjerna. Disability & Society 32 (7), 966-985

    Taking our point of departure from critical disability studies, this study explores affordances of a day activity centre with an artistic profile. The analysis reveals that this centre has two fundamental meanings to the participants; it is a place to create art, and it is a safe haven'. Our conclusion is that the desire to belong, to be in a community and to do artwork, entails a future need for flexible institutional environments, where the social milieu is characterized by increased influence and with an engaging focus, such as that which is offered in cultural work.

  • 2017. Helen Knutes Nyqvist, Rut Wallius.
  • 2016. Eva Svärdemo Åberg (et al.). The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology 15 (1), 33-42

    Academic writing skills are crucial when students, e.g., in teacher education programs, write their undergraduate theses. A multi-modal web-based and self-regulated learning resource on academic writing was developed, using texts, hypertext, moving images, podcasts and templates. A study, using surveys and a focus group, showed that students used the learning resource on numerous occasions, a resource reachable outside in-person mentor sessions. Students declared that the resources had been important for finishing their degree projects. Mentors highlighted structure, multidisciplinary overview and linking possibilities. Using digital learning resources supporting students' academic writing is doubtless a developmental area in higher education.

  • 2015. Rano Zakirova Engstrand, Brita Ernberg, Helen Knutes Nyqvist. Special Education Needs and Inclusive Practices [Bisogni educativi speciali e pratiche inclusive]: An International Perspective [Una prospettiva internazionale], 198-202
  • 2012. Helen Knutes Nyqvist. Kultur, estetik och barns rätt i pedagogiken
  • Avhandling (Dok) Gestaltandets pedagogik
    2009. Helen Knutes (et al.).

    Why, and what does it involve for an individual to perform Arts and Crafts, are the questions studied in this thesis. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the pedagogical conditions of Arts and Crafts objects, through studying the processes that take place where people give form to personal expressions and to understand the meanings these processes have for them. Phenomenological theory, especially the theory of the lived body, which presents the body as a unity not separated into body and thought, with object and subject in an inter-relationship, is used as a theoretical standpoint throughout the thesis.

    A phenomenological and a semiotic approach have been used to analyse and describe the empirical data. This thesis consists of three different studies, the examination of a place where Arts and Crafts are performed, the study of people's experiences of creating Arts and Crafts objects, and finally how people relate to their chosen Art and Craft materials. This contributes to an understanding of the pedagogical conditions and processes present in their relationship to work materials.

    The analysis illustrates that an opportunity for a new level of understanding is reached when particular pedagogical processes are carried out whilst working with various forms of Arts and Crafts materials. These processes understood as pedagogical conditions consist of: time and pace, physical and mental environment, materialization, the object and experience. Another finding is that there are different ways of relating to the Arts and Crafts materials, a bodily relation or a cognitive relation. These ways of relating exist in one person, but one of these relating attitudes is often more salient than the other. Making Arts and Crafts is in this thesis seen as an activity of both bodily and cognitive meaning making.

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