Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe

Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe


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Arbetar vid Institutionen för kultur och estetik
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Om mig

Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe är docent i konstvetenskap.

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I urval från Stockholms universitets publikationsdatabas
  • 2016. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe. Salongsmåleri?!, 59-73
  • 2016. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe. Konsthistorisk Tidskrift 85 (4), 327-331
  • 2015. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe. Der sturm, 401-428
  • Kapitel Nell Walden
    2015. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe. STURM-Frauen, 312-325
  • 2015. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe (et al.).
  • 2014. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe. Jämten 2015, 16-23
  • 2014. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe, Henrik Widmark. Bebyggelsehistorisk tidskrift (67), 24-44

    Housing estates in post-war cities have been con-stituted at the point of intersection between the private domestic sphere and the public space of the community at large. Housing estates, there-fore, are important places where urban identity is created, articulated and renegotiated. Every-day use of housing estates entails a continuous negotiation and shift of consciously formulated societal notions and norms which are materiali-sed in the physical configuration of space.

    In a case study addressing the everyday are-as, architecture and artistic design of the urban space on three Borås housing estates, we have shown how both reworkings of the physical en-vironment and shifting norms in society, plus the everyday use and mediation of housing estates continuously alter their significance in processes of identification. Aided by insights from network theory and intersectional gender theory, we have described and analysed the mat-ter of how present-day housing estates are be-ing created globally and how notions of gender, class and ethnicity are constructed at the point of intersection between the concrete expression of material space and the everyday practices of the social space.

  • 2013. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe, Malin Hedlin Hayden. Politics in a glass case, 66-83
  • 2013. Angela Dimitrakaki (et al.). Journal of Curatorial Studies 2 (2), 218-241

    This discussion between nine curators, theorists and art historians addresses some of the contemporary issues related to feminism and curating. Topics include the role of the geographical and geopolitical in curatorial projects; the place of canons and canon-making in feminist approaches; the nature of contemporary feminist collectivities; the importance of the museum and its context of capitalism within politicized curatorial practice; and the status of the object and aesthetics in feminist-oriented curatorial practice.

  • 2013. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe. The Aesthetics of Matter, 17-28
  • 2011. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe. Siri Derkert, 137-165
  • 2011. Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe. Att alltid göra och tänka det olika, 183-224
  • 2010. Malin Hedlin Hayden, Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe.
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